Our Story


In April 1989, at the tender age of 15, Shannan found herself pregnant, alone and scared. She believed her best option was to abort and move on with her life. She scheduled an abortion in the San Fernando Valley and now was tasked with finding the money to cover the cost. She asked her brother to lend her the amount, but thank God, he declined and told her she needed to tell her mom and dad. The next day Shannan’s youth leader Amy took her to a Crisis Pregnancy Center where she saw the baby and heard the heartbeat for the first time. There, she came to grips with the decision that needed to be made. She knew this baby deserved life, even if she could not be the one to raise her. Shannan gave birth in November of that year and Jennifer, a close older cousin, adopted Cari and raised her with her husband Gary and two older children. But that's just Chapter 1, and a very small glimpse into it. We plan to add in interviews with Shannan, Jenny and Cari very soon!